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The Year 2016 so far...

So far LSA in Gauteng has been relatively active in 2016.

We started off with a introduction day at Irene Radio Flyers on the 24th of January,the purpose of this event was to get new guys into LSA and show them the Basics and help them get started.

The turned out was great with a total of 20 guys coming to see what it's all about, some travelling from as far as Krugersdorp and even Pietersburg to join us. The event started at 8 am with a long discussion about the basics of LSA but by about 10 am the guys looked eager to get their plane in the air and give it a go, so we had Roland(who is a regular LSA competitor) to fly a quick demo of the basic and sportsman sequences so that everyone had a idea of what the sequences looked like.

Then it was their turn, we had some of the more experienced LSA competitors help out and give them some tips, we also helped out with some trimming and set-up issues that some guys were having. Towards to end of the day we were watching some impressive flying, so we lit the braai fires to end of a successful day.

Many Thanks to Irene Radio Flyers and Johnny Foonk for letting us use the club and to the regular LSA members that helped out.

But that's not all that happened in 2016 so far.

On the 7th of February LSA had it's first monthly competition of the year as well as our AGM which was kindly hosted by Barnstormers.

The turn out was again good with 9 pilots flying, which of 4 were new to LSA. There was also several other members who come to watch and attend the AGM

The day started of early with some pilot's arriving to set up their planes as early as 06:30. The pilot briefing started just before 08:00 and shortly there after the flying got on it's way.

Unfortunately the flying did not get off to a great start with 2 competitors having accidents within the first hour, however this did not let our spirits down and we continued flying with no more incidents the rest of the day. At about 12:00 we were done flying so the scoring was done and we got started with the AGM.

The main purpose of the AGM was to select a new committee, which was done and the new committee plans to carry LSA forward and take LSA to higher levels.

Thanks to Roland Suhrmuller and Barnstomers for letting us use the field.
Thanks Brett Black and Gavin Walton for judging
Thanks to Jacques Alberts for calling for the judges
and thanks to Owen Vuyk for doing the scoring

Below are the Results of the competition

1st - Gerrit (new) 55.4%
2nd - Dave (new) DNF

1st Arthur (new) 45.85%
2nd David 26.8%

1st Roland 52.7%
2nd Anthony (new) 40.3%
3rd Arthur DNF


1st Ian 53.3%

1st Clive 59.1%



The day finally arrived. All the practicing and coaching was to be put to effect with some 6 of the best of the large scale pilots participating in the unlimited category and 3 participating in the limited category.

As per customary competition reports, the weather report needs to be started with because the wind and cloud cover did not assist the pilots in their endeavors to fly the challenging schedules, to the best of their ability. The visibility was affected most of the weekend by up to 95% cloud cover and sometimes down to 1000 feet. The wind was consistently fierce most of the weekend at 25kph with gusts up to 35kph and constantly changing direction.

Here Ian Brandon on of the 3 judges looks on in somewhat a pensive manner .The other Judges were Ian Edwards and both organiser and Judge Gavin Walton

Pilots were briefed and the Limited class pilots soon got to grips with weather effect on demanding schedules. A total 6 sequences were flown in both Unlimited and limited class for the pre practiced and known sequences. The unknown sequences were handed to the pilots the following morning. These unpractised and never before seen sequences tested the pilots’ skill and nerve beyond measure.

Even seasoned Andre Stockwell seen with Charles Kerr contort their bodies in an effort to memorise the schedules for the unknown sequences.  Some of the pilots were better at getting these schedules known and others had good callers assisting the with the sequences

Here Deon Swartz and Bret Black share a moment before the unknown sequence was to be flown.

A new technique was developed during these championships. If you stand on one leg whilst calling it brings the pilot a great deal of luck. You should try this.

The second day of the tournament was to be no different to the first as pertained the weather and proceedings were stopped for while whilst the rain subsided. The pilots brought their equipment into shelter in no time.

Fortunately the facilities provided by Irene Radio Flyers were superb. Mention must be made of the savoury meals provided throughout the weekend by the club and a special thank you goes to the club for allowing the use of their great facility for the weekend. They even closed the field to regulars for practice days before the event.

The 4 rounds of unknown sequences flown by limited and unlimited pilots produced some hairy moments and fortunately there was no damage to property equipment or persons .Remarkably aeroplanes behaved extremely well and equipment turned out to be most reliable throughout the competition weekend. The judges started immediately after the unknown sequences with the freestyle competition. The freestyle sequences were all about smoke, music and showmanship.

The tournament concluded with prize giving. The results were as follows:

Unlimited Class

1st Andre Stockwell

2nd Brett Black

3rd Chris Zurinskas

4th Deon Zwarts

5th Victor Barvic

6th Charles Kerr

Limited Class

1st Freddy Kotze

2nd Gerald Burrel

3rd Roland Suhrmuller


Winner for the unlimited class Andre Stockwell with the floating trophy and personal one and great smile.

Winner for the freestyle competition was Bret Black.

Gavin Walton organiser of the TOC  remarked that the pilots were to be congratulated on a really superb standard of flying,with special emphasis on trying to inprove positioning of manueveres in future competions.He thanked the pilots for their commitment and encouraged them to bring new faces to future competitions.He also thanked Irene Radio flyers for the use of their great facility and catering for the weekend.Judges were thanked for their contributions to the event and Andre Stockwell led a motion to thank Gavin Walton a and Andre Lourens for their efforts during the last year.

Come on Large scale Pilots start practicing for the Nationals. Lets get our entries to the 20 mark. Gavin mentioned he would notify all about the calender for next year.

Monthly Competition - White Hills 4th October 2014


You have been warned. The following names may contain explicit material not suitable for sensitive viewers.

Dangerous Dave, Brutal Bret, the Smoking Scotsman, Crazy Chris and Jugular Jacques to name a few, are on their way to the tournament of champions 1st weekend November 2014. This was confirmed at the last round of the of the Large Scale (SIG) completion kindly hosted at White Hills Radio Flyers.

Just on the side all entries will be done on the site portal and will be limited by the ( SIG) chairman so please watch the space and enter ASAP once the entry forms are available. Also, the interest group needs to elect a committee to assist Andre with his arduous task, a task he has done manfully on his own for the past couple of months. The committee members will be elected at and during the weekend of the TOC.

Pilot Breifing

At the customary pilots briefing at 7:00 on the 5th October the pilots appeared to pray for mercy knowing  the  judges were going to scrutinise every millisecond of their flight schedules. 11 pilots turned out in limited (4) and unlimited (7) classes. Flying got underway promptly under the watchful eye of Andre (SIG representative) and Dave as flight director. The judges for the day were Ian Edwards, Andre Lourens, Bret Black and Rob Hughes and ably assisted by Roland Suhrmuller as caller No mercy was going to be shown by the judges as they had a  stated their desire to ensure that pilots had no misgivings about standards which were going to be applied at the TOC. This sorting the men from the boys, no nonsense attitude became very obvious as the results were tallied and given to the pilots at the end of the day.


With Limited pilots first up, the unlimited pilots had some time to go through their routines, check out airplane assembly and cleanliness. The line-up included the Smoking Scot cleaning the shared bipe he and Brutal Bret flew. This dangerous duo tried all morning to prove that two wings were better than one. The scores will reflect that contrary to both pilots’ protestations, their scores should have been divided by two due to the unfair advantage of two wings on one plane.

Deon Charles

The trying schedules took their toll on many pilots. This was evidenced by the numerous zeros on the score sheets. The rule book was thrown at pilots hammer and tongs.  After the days flying, some of the pilots were not sure whether they, or the braai meat, got a bigger roasting. Even Chris Zurinskas was still smoking when he finished his last flight.

Braai time

The day was concluded by having the senior pilots and judges, sharing  their experience and constructive critique of the pilot scores. The SIG Representative committed to arranging clinics where seasoned pilots and judges would provide both rule book and flying training. (Watch the web site for the dates).


The packing up process is always a long and lonely one. Roland had 3 buddies helping him erect the awning in the morning (Obvious -we want to share the awning with you buddies)


He was found all alone packing up and grumbling as he went

The positional standing for the day was as follows as the scores are too scary to mention



1st Brutal Bret

2nd Crazy Chris

3rd Jugular Jacques

4th Smoking Scot

5th Draconian Deon

6th Dangerous Dave

7TH Vampire Victor



1st Gangster Gerald

2nd Robing Roland

3rd Racketeer Rob

4th Unstable Stan

The next episode  of Scary movie 26 will be released shortly


Monthly Competition - Jailbirds 17 August 2014


Sunrise on this particular morning as captured was as amazing as the day that had been planned.  Only those passionate enough for the hobby and crazy enough to rise so early would get to witness the spectacle.



11 pilots came from Pretoria and all parts of Johannesburg  to compete in this really remarkable event.  Pilots competed in Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Unlimited classes.  As with most outdoor activities the weather does not always have the same agenda as those wishing to enjoy the outdoors.  The cloud cover started out at below 500 feet and wind speeds of between 18 and 20 km/ph.  This did not deter the pilots or the judges from getting down to real business, and started proceedings promptly after the regular pilots briefing.

Two sessions with two back to back schedules were flown by all pilots.   After every round pilots were able to discuss scores with the judges and the judges were most willing to provide both comments  and advice on how to improve their scores.  Despite attempts to bribe the seasoned professional judges, Ian Edwards and Ian Brandon, the judges were steadfast in their resolve to score accurately and honestly.

The event was hosted by the Jailbird club and a special mention must be made of how much the pilots enjoyed the facility despite the foul weather conditions. Thanks to the club and their committee for hosting us!!

Club House

The sun finally got the better of the clouds but the wind prevailed.

AL’s Hobbies sponsored caps for all pilots and provide prizes to the winners of all the categories mentioned. Great to have your support Alan.

There were Extras, Ultimates , Edges and Sbachs  flown by some really great and skilled pilots.


Flight Line

After all the scores were tallied, and the winners announced, there was a unanimous feeling by all pilots  that the real winners of the day were :

Wonderful day

Great venue

Brilliant Flying

Excellent Braai

Really skilled pilots

Large Loud planes

For those of you who missed this event and would like to participate in the next one please note

We will be hosting a monthly event on the 7th September at Jomac and the date and venue for October will be announced later.

Also the tournament of Champions will be taking place on the weekend of the 1st and the 2nd November at RMAC (Please diarise).




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